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Friday, February 03, 2006


Who would take a holiday to the tropics at this time of the year? With weather like this fungal diseases abound especially the mildews. While we sweat the fungi take advantage of the warm moist conditions to grow in. To keep on top of it, it is a matter of maintaining a spray regime. The other option is not to worry too much, like me and accept the casualties, this is largely on account of the fact I have an aversion to using sprays.

With the heat of the last week, I am fortunate enough to be taking a holiday up north so in consequence my column is brief. I do have one request though; if anyone can help me out with the name of the plant pictured I would be very much grateful. It appears to be a succulent originating from my mother’s garden, one of the many without a name! It is a wonderful plant, surviving drought very well, almost flourishing in the harsh dry conditions within which it is growing. The other thing I like about it is its ability to grow readily from cuttings, an altogether obliging plant and so any ideas on what it might be would great.

Enjoy your summer!


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